Combining the Technologies of Art and Science to Provide Defensible Electronic Data

Digital Discovery’s team of expert consultants and digital forensic examiners help identify, preserve and collect sources of electronic data for use in regulatory, disputed or litigated matters. Our forensic experts are licensed as Private Investigators and have obtained requisite industry qualifications to acquire electronic evidence and testify to their findings as expert witnesses. Our goal is to remove the burden from our clients by leveraging industry-leading techniques and technology to minimize the electronic data that is collected and deliver cost-effective, focused results. We understand the needs of our clients and deliver an intangible advantage that goes hand in hand with our expert digital forensic services.   We deliver the peace of mind that your electronic data was collected and preserved in the most forensically sound, cost-efficient manner. 

Consulting and Data-Mapping

Our experience with regulatory, legal and records retention policies allows us to help our clients assess the gaps which may exist when dealing with their corporate governance and IT departments internally. Each of our consultants has over 15 years of experience dealing with eDiscovery matters and frequently assists in the development of efficient, cost-effective eDiscovery strategies for our end clients. Our strength is helping our clients determine where relevant sources of electronic data may exist and developing the most cost efficient approach to capturing that data. 

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