Identifying Evidentiary Proof of Digital Activity

Digital Discovery’s expert practitioners use active and deleted data to turn back time and paint a vivid picture of what a system was used for yesterday, last week, last month or last year. Our forensic tools and custom techniques allow us to track down electronic data that has been moved, copied, deleted or compromised while adhering to the strict rules of evidentiary preservation. Many of our investigation cases involve theft of trade secrets or labor and employment contract disputes. Often times, we will use a series of forensic techniques to create timelines, find deleted emails, find altered documents, and analyze last access dates for purposes of helping our clients find the smoking gun. 

Expert Witness & Testimony 

Our seasoned professionals are well-versed and skillful at crafting reports reflecting their findings and forensic activities. All of our evidence experts have authored reports submitted to a tribunal and provided the necessary supporting expert testimony. Many times, we are appointed by the Court as a neutral eDiscovery expert.


Court-Appointed Forensic Examination                     Corporate Internal Investigations

Theft of Intellectual Property                                      Mass Deletions & System Wiping

Data Breaches & Incident Response                         Social Media Forensics