Q: What digital forensic tools do you use?

We own and have a comprehensive knowledge of all of the leading forensic tool sets including EnCase, FTK, Cellebrite, Sleuthkit, Helix and BackTrack. Our extensive experience allows us to leverage these industry-leading techniques and technology to ensure that the right tool is used for each highly specific need.

Q: Why does the preservation and collection of electronically stored information cost so much?

The preservation and collection of electronically stored data is actually the least expensive part of the eDiscovery process. Our philosophy is to cast a broad net for preservation purposes and then use culling queries to narrow the data and subsequently avoid uneccesary ingestion fees from processing engines.

Q: How many years of experience do you have?

Our company has 13 years of forensic preservation, collection, consulting and investigations experience.

Q: What locations do you serve?

Though our computer forensics lab is headquartered in Dallas, our clients are based in most U.S. major cities and across the country. We have found that it isn't necessary to open an office in every city when we are close to an international airport. Many times, we waive travel if the project warrants.

Q: Have you testified as an expert witness in court?

We are appointed as expert witnesses in many cases and are often appointed by the court as a neutral eDiscovery expert. All of our forensic analysts have authored reports submitted to a tribunal and provided necessary expert testimony.