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Minimizing the Risk of BYOD

The new trend in business communications is referred to as Bring Your Own Device (<

Feb 05
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Moving Toward a Smarter Way to Litigate

Being smarter about how you manage Big Data at the far left end of the EDRM is finally gaining some steam.  After years of whispering about t

Apr 08
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FRCP Proposed Amendments

On August 15, 2013, the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules pu

Jan 31
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IT Takeaway from NSA Scandal

Volumes have been written about “Snowdengate,” the NSA’s data-gathering and lessons that can be drawn for enterprise IT support.

Jun 26
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Google eDiscovery: Apps Vault

By Google’s own admission there are more than 5 million companies that now use Google Apps for Business. This comprises of Fortune 500 compa

May 28
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8 Questions with Joel Reese

Joel Reese is a founding partner of the commercial litigation firm Reese Gordon Marketos.  Before founding Reese Gordon Marketos in 2011, Joe

Dec 19
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9 Things You Never Want to Hear in eDiscovery

There are times - most of the time - when a client can be your best ally.  They will have evidence lined up, each device impeccably preserved

Sep 07
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Why Out-Source Computer Forensics?

In a recent article entitled "Why Insource Forensics? - Making the Business Case for Internal Forensics/eDiscovery Team," the writer makes the cas

Feb 10
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Examining the Role of Social Media in the Cloud

The New Year promises to bring new developments in the areas of cloud technology and social media, and many industry experts expect these developm

Jan 23
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Good Faith Preservation Efforts for Corporations and Counsel

Because many corporations don't have the capability or knowledge to collect ESI in a defensible fashion, they are at risk of spoliation and sancti

Nov 30
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Examining Backup Tape Discovery

Several years ago, backup tapes were viewed as costly and burdensome due to their incredibly slow restoration process and the difficulty with whic

Oct 05
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The Social Media Complex

Over the last several years, two things have become quite obvious in the eDiscovery industry: electronic data is becoming increasingly larger and

Sep 29
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Revenge of the Nerds

The August issue of Forbes Magazine featured a 19 year old teenager named Nicholas Allegra from Chappaqua, N.Y. who has come out of the woodwork i

Sep 14