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Self-Collection: Ignorance is Blitz

Faced with the burden of searching and identifying relevant electronic data re

Apr 16
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2012 eDiscovery Case Summaries

Judges continue to delve more deeply into e-discovery issues as they become more comfortable with the nuts and bolts of the process.  There h

Dec 11
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CASE LAW BYTES // Objecting to Self-Collection in eDiscovery

In the pantheon of excuses, “My dog ate my homework” is the long-held favorite.  But since we print precious little these days, i

Oct 11
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Circuit Courts Struggling with Scope of CFAA

On April 10, the 9th Circuit ruled in U.S. v. Nosal that employees who violate workplace computer policies or website terms of use are not crimina

Jun 20
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Can Source Code be Considered Intellectual Property?

For a little over two years, Sergey Aleynikov was an employee of Goldman Sachs. While under Goldman's employ he worked, primarily, on programming

May 02
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eDiscovery: Is it Taxable or Not?

The issue of whether eDiscovery costs are taxable to the losing party is

Apr 23
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The Case for Predictive Coding

On February 24th, the Southern District of New York issued an opinion that is sending reverberations around the world of eDiscovery.  Federal

Mar 09
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New Patent Discovery Rules

The U. S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit recently unveiled a model order that would severely limit electronic discovery in patent cases.

Oct 19
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Purposeful Destruction v. Negligence

In Victor Stanley, Inc. v. Creative Pipe, Inc., we saw Judge Paul W. Grimm of the U.S. District Court of Maryland recommend a default judgement and p

Aug 31