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Using Social Media to Defend Employment-Related Lawsuits

For much of America, exposure to some type of social media is a part of everyday life.  57% of all American adults use Facebook- the most pre

Oct 24
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3 Keys to Effectively Manage Complex eDiscovery

Complex or class action litigation is the bane of any

Jul 18
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Why Your Passwords Are At Risk

Last week a serious vulnerability was found in SSL.  The Heartbleed bug might not mean anything to you at first, but this is important for se

Apr 14
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5 Things You Should Know About Social Media

Apr 02
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5 Things to Look for in a Forensic Investigation

E-discovery is

Jan 17
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5 Defensive Tactics for Corporations

With the movement of corporate legal departments to take more control over downstream litigation, there comes new demands for counsel to build an

Aug 13
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How the Cloud Can Transform a Law Practice

Over 50 years ago when my father first started his law practice the primary mode of communication was a rotary phone and case documents were filed

Aug 28
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5 Ways Counsel Can Reduce Risk for Corporate Clients

The recent development in the aftermath of the BP oil spill brings to light what counsel--both in-house and retained--can do to minimize corporate

May 22
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WHITEPAPER: Technology Making the Case for Smarter E-Attorneys

Corporations in almost every industry sector are beset with issues relating to effectively leveraging technology in order to build a bigger and be

Apr 16
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Defining ESI in Complex Matters

Over 90% of the documents created in the world today are created in an el

Mar 15
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6 Tips to Hiring an eDiscovery Partner

1. Don’t Hire a Plumber to do a Carpenter’s Job:  In the current economy there will be a flock of vendors who cl

Feb 06
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WHITEPAPER: Committing to an eStrategy

According to legend, when 16th century Spanish explorer Hernán Cortés reached the New World he ordered his expedition to burn the bo

Dec 20
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WHITEPAPER: Making an eDiscovery Molehill out of a Data Mountain

“If it really costs millions to do that, then you’re going to drive out of the litigation system a lot of people who ought to be t

Nov 18