Introducing 4:mag: A Digital Magazine

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Jul 29

We’re excited to announce the launch of 4:mag, an online forensics magazine created by our Director of Forensics, Lee Whitfield.

The completely free magazine is community driven and was created for those with a casual interest in forensics, to students, to seasoned computer forensic professionals. It will feature high quality articles addressing everything from hard drives to malware.

To access the first quarterly issue of the magazine (Flash required), click here:

Or you can download the PDF here:



Lee Whitfield is the Director of Forensics for Digital Discovery and responsible for conducting a wide variety of complex digital forensics investigations.  He is an internationally recognized digital forensics researcher, examiner and educator with close to a decade of expert witness experience.  Lee has conducted a wide variety of investigations in both civil and criminal courts dealing with matters involving intellectual property theft, contract disputes, financial fraud and terrorism.